3 limiting beliefs

The beliefs that I write about below, have limited me over many years. Though I know that I shouldn’t let such thoughts control me, some incidents which work in favor of these beliefs make me think in that direction. All superstitions.

Being too positive will result in a negative outcome.

Last week, after completing two rounds of interview with an esteemed company, I was positive about the outcome. This was because according to me, the second round had gone well too. I had answered all the questions, except one (now who expects a perfect interviewee? I wouldn’t). I was sure of making it to the next round. We were asked to leave as it was close to 4 in the evening and they were wrapping up things for the day. When checked with the consultancy later, I was informed that the result of my interview was not positive. No reasons given. I emailed the HR, who did not even respond to the email. So much to professionalism! Such incidents make my limiting beliefs stronger. L

Sharing the news with others, will jinx the situation

If things are proceeding smoothly, I have this feeling that if I speak about it or share it with others, then I will jinx the situation. For instance, when I share my plans of travelling/a trip with the family it ends up getting cancelled due to some reason. Like a wedding in the family or some festival or some random unavoidable situation.

I am not good enough for it

Another limiting belief, which affects the outcome of many situations is this stupid feeling of not being good enough. No matter what I achieve in life, I am constantly aspiring to get better. I feel, I do not pause and be appreciative of my effort. I only look at what else I should being doing and not what I have done better. I am working on changing this. Yet, I find myself repeating the “I’m not good enough” statement to myself.


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  1. Anu says:

    As you rightly know and say these are exactly that – limiting thoughts! Good that you know and are working to get over it! Yay to positivity! 😊

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