A letter to myself!


What do I write to myself that I haven’t repeated in my head a million times? I mean that’s what I do all day, talk to myself in my head. But sadly many a time these thoughts are the ones telling me that something is wrong with the way I am, the things I am doing etc. Seldom are they appreciative and encouraging. But that’s exactly how they should be.

Go back 10 years in time, from today, the things that were bothering you – Not getting a call from the companies you were placed in. Not getting any other job. Fights with Daddy, about how he thought you were wasting your time. Getting separated from friends, how you are going to survive outside college etc.

Today these don’t even matter, because things went fine though you worried so much about it. You did get a job unlike you worried, completed 10 years of work last month. The fights with your Dad didn’t last forever, in fact Dad himself didn’t. You are still in touch with your close friends from college and school and made a whole bunch of other friends over the years. The trivial things we worry about don’t matter and the things that affect us, are things we don’t even expect, like Dad’s death.

So fast forward 10 years from now, when you are in your 40’s, do you think the things that worry you today, will matter? Am sure you’ll find a way with things all along and you’ll survive.Β 

All I want to tell you is, relax, read more, pick up those healthy habits, which your body will appreciate in the long run. Do your bit everyday, without too much thought about what results it will give. Actually that’s exactly how it should be, isn’t it?Β  We are so lost in being bunnies, running behind those elusive carrots that we don’t really live in the present. I want you to try and stop being that bunny.

Just take of yourself and everything will be alright! πŸ™‚

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  1. Anu says:

    That’s a lovely positive letter and just the right thoughts to start the new year with!! 😊

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