Are we done with the second half, already?


I have probably never been away from this space for so long. Previously, there used to be a nagging voice in my head which used to draw me back to this space. Strangely, this time around it was absent. It could be so because my days have been full of work, duties and parenting mishaps, there was no time to think of blogging.

Now that the year is ending I remembered I did 42 odd posts last year. I came here and took a look and found out I’ve done 5 posts this year. 😀 What a dramatic drop! Well, I have done a lot of other things this year and I think it has been quite a fulfilling one, though not recorded very well. What matters however is the experience.

Of all of them, parenting is the toughest thing I have done till date and everyday feels like an examination. Though I am learning to relax a bit, I am still far away being a relaxed parent, who knows her shit.

It seems like all of a sudden my son has grown leaps and bounds and the baby in him is fast disappearing. He is 2.5 years old, and can speak almost everything. He frames perfect sentences and conveys what’s on his mind flawlessly. I am amazed at the speed with which he has picked up words. He fumbles at times, but thinks and uses the correct word before proceeding.

He is losing his chubbiness, which is the biggest sign of growing up! 😐 I so miss those toothless chubby grins. 😦 We are already looking at formal schools for his admission. At times, it’s so hard to believe that all of this is happening so soon. Yet, there are frustrating times, when all I wonder is when will he grow up enough to listen, understand and follow what I say.

Managing my time around his schedule is the biggest challenge. No matter what I do, I don’t feel I am doing my best. With the increased exposure to digital gadgets and electronic devices, it becomes so important to connect with our children on a daily basis. It’s so easy for them to get drawn into that virtual world and forget all about the human connect. We see it happening to most people around us. This thing scares me the most!

With multiple members in the house and the TV constantly running, everyone owning gadgets, the cousins freely playing on the phone and watching videos, it gets SO tough for me to discipline the child. Children learn by example and sometimes there are so many wrong examples around, over which I have no control. It gets difficult to explain to a toddler why he can’t have the phone whenever he asks for. I lose my cool so many times. I fail miserably in such moments. I am trying every day and I hope to find the right balance someday.

There’s a hobby of mine which I have been trying to convert to a business for quite a few years now. But owing to the fact that I get very little time in the midst of my work and mommy duties, I hadn’t made much progress. However, this year was better, I made a decent start. It is getting rather difficult to keep up that momentum now. The pressure at my workplace is immense and I end up working late into the nights in an attempt to manage work and my time with the kiddo. I hope to manage all of this better in the coming year. That is something I am really looking forward to.

This year was amazing in terms of travel! Best among all the years so far. 🙂 I will write a separate post about the travels I made this year. It definitely deserves separate documentation.

That’s how the past few months have been for me. Hoping to pen down a few more posts before this year draws to a close. I hope I don’t jinx it. See you around!

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  1. Anu says:

    So nice to read a post after so long!😊
    I soo identify with the “growing up too fast” but “when will he grow up enough to understand?” phase…I still feel that sometimes! ☹️
    Waiting for the travel post! 😄

  2. So happy to read you after a while and happier that you had a fulfilling year! Cannot wait to read about your travels and here’s to a happy grand and peaceful 2020 🙂

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